“New” Media CFP

Critical Perspectives on Global-Local Tensions in New Media

This anthology seeks to add to emerging scholarship on new media industries, policy, global/local tensions in media firms, and global/local experiences of new media technologies, services, and products. While there is a wealth of scholarship that approaches these questions in relation to advertising, film, and television, much more needs to be said about the cultural and material practices of new media, especially given that new media production and reception often cannot be theorized in the same local/national terms in which creative practices in the film, television, and advertising industries have been analyzed.  We seek papers with prose and diction appropriate for the undergraduate classroom but that are also sophisticated enough to be read by beginning graduate students. Despite this project’s basis in the English language, we are interested in incorporating authorial voices and topics from a variety of national, regional, and subnational perspectives.

We are currently seeking papers to increase the global coverage of the collection.  We are interested in proposals that address intersections between the global and the local in “new” and/or emerging media forms and practices in:

–       Eastern Europe

–       Location-based services outside the U.S.

–       Latin America, especially Brazil

–       North Africa and/or the Middle East

–       West, East, or sub-Saharan Africa

Please send a 250-word abstract with a preliminary bibliography to either Ben Aslinger (Bentley University, Waltham, MA, USA, baslinger@bentley.edu) or Germaine Halegoua (University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA, grhalegoua@gmail.com).   Our plan is for all 5000-word commissioned papers to be due by March 31, 2011.


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